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Our Services

Our skilled and highly trained practitioners offer the services described below.  Whenever possible we strive to integrate a variety of components into custom designed programs to help you meet your health goals.  An initial consultation begins the process with a review of your health history and medical concerns.  At that point clinical advice is given and a comprehensive program is outlined for your consideration.

A typical program would involve the following components:
Week 1:    Assessments and Evaluation

Week 2:    Consultation

Week 3:    Body/Mind Stress Assessment and Consultation

Week 4:    Follow Up to assess progress and make adjustments.

Further follow ups and re-evaluations are scheduled as appropriate 

The process is designed to let us get to know you and your body over time and so make meaningful and intelligent suggestions to help you build health and maintain a strong immune system for the long term.
Complex health issues deserve careful attention and  a comprehensive approach.
Therapies will be suggested and scheduled according to individual needs.

An initial office visit to review your case lasts about 30 minutes and costs $85.00.  The doctor will suggest a plan of action and present the likely costs associated with that plan.  Therapies can be booked alone or as part of a comprehensive program.  For example; colon Hydrotherapy can be booked as an individual service and is offered in the format of a series as well.

Naturopathy covers a wide variety of modalities emphasizing the body's ability to heal itself with encouragement and help given through natural means described in detail below.  There is a heavy emphasis on education and prevention in keeping with the adage that what prevents also cures. The naturopathic approach can be integrated with conventional, alopathic protocols when appropriate.   Naturopathic Care is administered by Douglass Hutto, ND.

Holistic Medicine:

Holistic Medicine marries the highest standards of conventional alopathic care with safe and effective alternative medicine.  Our Holistic Medical care is administered by Moshe Dekel, MD
  (see www.drdekel.com) Dr. Dekel's specialties include natural hormone optimization (male and female), ADD/ADHD, Autism, breast thermography, preventive medicine, medically supervised HCG programs for weight loss and more.

The health of the spine and structural system that protects the nerves is critical to the body's internal communications and thus to overall health.  Disease patterns almost always involve some sort of compromise in these nerve pathways and so can be alleviated by correcting misallignments.  We recommend the services of skilled chiropractors to accomplish this task. (see http://www.daychiropracticsavannah.com/)  

Multi-Frequency Mineral Lamp:
Otherwise known as a "TDP" lamp, this therapy uses heat in the far infrared spectrum to stimulate healing and repair in living tissue.  The lamp element is coated with 33 trace elements so that the heat going into the body takes on the frequency of these elements and energetically stimulates the same elements that are part of the tissue matrix in the body.  The lamp causes calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc to resonate and  impart energy at the cellular level so that healing, repair, and healthy metabolic functions are greatly enhanced.  This lamp is placed over poorly functioning areas such as a joint or an organ with apparently excellent results.  No health claims can be made for the therapy but the results speak for themselves.  It has been thoroughly studied in Asia for decades with amazing clinical outcomes. ($85.00 per session)

Energy Therapies:
Energy is all around and is the basic substance of the universe.  Physicists have shown  that all solid matter only appears to be solid and is in fact congealed energy.  That being said, it is easy to see how we are energy beings.  Each of our cells has its own mitochondrial power plants to establish electrical potentials within the cell for the work of living.  These subtle electrical currents then combine and flow throughout the body at various voltages and currents.  Some of the energy is very low in voltage but extremely important as it conveys information like the energy in telephone wires or cell phone signals.  There is not a whole lot of energy involved but the information being transmitted can be critical.  This lower-power, communications energy flows along pathways in the fascia called meridians.  Acupuncture practitioners access these pathways with needles to help "tune" the system.  Currents and flows also coalesce to form energy centers that some practitioners call "chakras" .  Many eastern practitioners refer to the energy as "qui" or "chi".  Some of the stronger energy signals in the body travel along nerve pathways and are designed to trigger chemical reactions and muscular movement.  Energy flow in the body can also produce variations in the energy field around the body that can be seen as colors.  This combination of colors is commonly referred to as an aura.  Some practitioners can see auras.  The entire circulatory system is a giant conductor as it is full of mineral salts and water.  Perhaps the interaction between this conductor and the mitochondrial power plants produces the external manifestations of energy around the body.  The fact that the energy exists is not in question.  Some can see it.  Some can feel it.  Some practitioners can encourage it to move.  Disturbances in the physical body always leave some kind of signature in the form of a disturbed energy field.  A skilled practitioner can "pick this up" and help bring balance.  Disturbances in emotions and even memories leave a signature in the field and so can be detected and dealt with at this level.
  • Liquid Needles Highly concentrated mineral salts water is charged electrically to convey specific information and energy to the body for pain relief, detoxification and balance.  The fluid is applied to specific acupuncture points and pain points depending on the imbalance that is being addressed. ($85.00 per application)
  • Body Talk™:   This elegant and advanced therapy developed by Dr. John Veltheim involves simple tapping to various energy centers along with controlled deep breathing to enhance the body's own internal communications.  Better communication promotes healing and repair.  There are no "props" required for this therapy and the basics can be learned and applied by anyone. ($85.00 per session)

Homeopathic Autotherapy:
 The principles and effectiveness of homeopathy are well established.  The core healing principle of this modality is captured in the statement "like cures like".   A homeopathic remedy is created by taking a substance that is associated with a certain set of biological responses and diluting it in a particular fashion so that in most homeopathic remedies there is none of the actual substance left.  What is there is the energetic signature of the substance imprinted on the water it was diluted with.  These signatures can actually be measured by sensitive laboratory equipment.  This subtle energy triggers a biological response in the body to help resolve the symptoms.  We employ all kinds of classical and compound homeopathic remedies according to individual needs.
 Autotherapy involves using the body's own fluids and exudates to trigger a specific biological response to a particular condition.  A medical doctor using this modality might take a sample of a part of the body that is chronically infected or diseased and filter it for subcutaneous injection to another part of the body.  Antibodies form readily at the new site and arm the immune system to deal with the diseased area with renewed vigor.  We do not practice this form of autotherapy but rather take samples of urine blood and saliva for homeopathic dilution as described above.  This kind of homeopathic remedy is also called a nosode and is typically then given back to the person in the form of oral drops.
There are a lot of theories as to how this might benefit the body.  The most obvious analogy is that of a vaccine where small portions of inactivated or dead virus and or bacteria are given to help the immune system prepare a response capability to the actual living form of the virus or bacteria.  In this analogy, the homeopathic remedy is a kind of energy based vaccine. The term "energy" is used here because the physical substance is not present as in an actual vaccine.
Suppose a particular kind of enemy was going to attack an army.  One way to educate the army would be to present one of the dead bodies of the enemy so that soldiers could learn the appearance and uniform of the enemy first hand and so be able to respond to similar living enemy soldiers.  This is somewhat how vaccines work.  Another way to warn the army and prepare it would be to use higher forms of communication like presenting the army with a digital image of the potential threat and describing this enemy in detailed language.  Pictures like this are just the effects of the energy of an object on a medium of some kind.  A homeopathic  remedy is a kind of picture of the original substance it came from.  Perhaps it communicates useful information to the body that is other wise difficult to access.  Theories aside,  the method seems to work quite well to help tune and right the immune system when it is out of balance.  We have observed encouraging results with auto-immune conditions where the body's internal communication mechanisms are distrurbed. ($85.00 per remedy.)

Evaluations and Assessments:
Philosophy:  Western approaches to assessment are primarily based on hard data such as counts and measurements.  These sorts of assessments of health are entirely necessary and critically important.  We use theses standard measurements and assessments such as standard blood work and the results of X-rays, MRI's etc.  However, they do not capture the nuances and subtlety  of human health as a function of  multiple planes of existence.  We are spiritual beings in a physical body with mental and emotional capacities that weave these two together.  How do you measure that and what does such a measurement contribute to the field of health care?  As an engineers, we initially had a very hard time with the assessments we describe below.  We have learned that their value is in helping us to understand subtle relationships between systems, organs, environment, emotions and even thought patterns.  They are not used for diagnosis in the strict, western manner. 
If we compare a person's life and profile to a picture,  these tools we mention below help us to appreciate the components of that picture that make it a work of art; that being the interplay of colors, light and relationships between elements of the picture.  This appreciation is every bit as useful as hard data in dealing with human health. The two go together like the right and left brain (analytical and creative)  so we use both to help our patients. In the picture analogy, the western style data would show the outlines in the picture like in a coloring book.  Both kinds of information flow freely together to make up a human life and the holistic approach is to embrace this duality and seek understanding through it.

  • Iridology:    Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye as it relates to different organs and systems of the body.  The iris contains a huge amount of information about genetics, history and current biological activity but is not a discreet diagnostic tool.  During an iris analysis, I will ask questions about what is going on in the different areas of the body that show stress.  I often find that important data about a person's history and particular symptoms come out with this evaluation.
  • Dental Issues:   These are often overlooked and their potential to affect the whole body is well documented.  The obvious link to health is in the development of virulent bacteria and viruses in dental carries and in the pockets of older root canals.  These pathogens feed into the blood slowly and constantly putting a health-sapping load on the immune system.  Mercury and heavy metals in general can be an issue.  It is not responsible to simply say mercury is bad and all of it should be taken out.  This is an individual consideration on a case by case basis.  Sometimes it is better to help a person achieve homeopathic stability with the amalgams that they have and leave the fillings in.  Each tooth also sits on a unique acupuncture meridian and can affect the body energetically this way.   We make a note of apparent issues and make referrals for dental work when it  seems to be affecting your overall health.
  • Finger Nails and the Tongue often contain useful health information.  We make a close assessment of these areas according to western and eastern standards.
  • Symptom Analysis:  Any Doctor is going to listen to what your symptoms are.  Our approach is specific to how your symptoms relate to potential nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.
  •  Stress Analysis:     We also look for deeper connections to how the body is handling emotional and mental stress (past and present)  Many times the trauma from a past, stressful experience is stored in certain tissues and needs to be cleared before the symptom will resolve.  In these cases, a person can experience short term relief with a number of different interventions but the problem keeps coming back until it is dealt with at the root.  We do not practice, psychology, psychiatry or traditional counseling but recognize the value of those modalities.  We practice faith-based Christian counseling and seek to help a person connect to the deepest sources of peace and healing power within themselves.
  • Muscle Testing (kinesiology):    The body's ability to hold a leg or an arm out in space is a function of the nerve connection between the brain and the member it is directing.  This nervous system is sensitive to many different kinds of inputs and stimuli.  The commonly known stimuli are taste, touch, sound, smell, sight and their associated variations.  Another avenue of stimulation is energy.  The body emits its own energy field and this field interacts with other fields and sends information back to the body about the interactions.  Most people are not conscious of the interactions.  Some people are highly trained to sense them like the martial artist who can sense the movements of his opponent and react to them even with a blindfold.  Even if you are not conscious of the interactions, a skilled therapist can detect your general reaction by assessing the your ability to hold an arm or leg steady in space.  Lets say we want to see if your body responds positively or negatively to a particular vitamin, herb or food.  The therapist would first assess your strength by asking you to make a fist and hold your arm out to the side.  The therapist will press down and ask you to resist.  Then,  this strength assessment is repeated while you hold the vitamin, herb, or food in your hand.  A poor interaction between your body and the substance will register as a weakness in your arm/shoulder strength.  A neutral or positive interaction will register as no change or a strengthening of the muscles being tested.  This is a greatly simplified explanation of a phenomenon that is best used by a trained therapist as there are conditions that will short circuit the test and give false information.  We use this strategy after a careful process of analysis and consideration to come up with items that we feel will benefit a person.  Then we test these items with kinesiology as a final filter to determine supplement recommendations.  This method is also useful for testing groups of items.  Many single items can test positive but the group of these same items will test negative because of duplication or interaction.  Some information about interactions is known and published and we use it.  Many times, however, kinesiology is useful to help reduce the number of supplements being taken and eliminate unforeseen interactions between supplements, medications and foods. 
Education   We want you to learn about your body and so aim to educate you in the following areas and more:
  • How the unique chemistry of the urine and saliva relate to metabolism and symptoms of disease and disorder.
  • How the components of human blood respond to chemical, mechanical, and mental stress.
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry and Human Physiology
  • What are toxins and why are they toxic?
  • How do the body, mind, emotions and conscience work together?
  • Why is whole food the best way to get nutrition?
  • What is the best way for you to prepare food?
  • How to use supplements effectively and safely

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