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Many people suffer with energy deficiency.  This is an expected by-product of metabolic dysfunction and may or may not have been "diagnosed" as chronic fatigue by a medical doctor. The following general statements have been found to be relevant to many of our patients.
Energy in the body is the sum total of energy produced in each of the tiny cells of the body.  Inside most cells are small energy producing units called mitochondria.  These mitochondria require proper nutrition to run efficiently.  Our in office assessments can often help us discern where nutrition may be lacking and point us in the right direction to correct that lack and thus alleviate the energy deficiency. This direction almost always involves a smooth and efficient digestive process to facilitate absorbing and assimilating the nutrients that are lacking. Stress and how the body is handling it, often plays a major role.  Constant stress over a long period of time makes for excessive demand on the body's energy systems.  The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis can become overstimulated and depleted.  Any kind of stress will stimulate flight or fight reactions in the body and the metabolism can eventually get stuck in fight mode which requires more sugar and produces more waste, leading to sweet cravings, starch cravings and salt cravings. Also it leads to strange pains with no apparent cause.  The pain and fatigue will abate when the system is addressed at the physical chemical and mental and emotional level in a comprehensive program of diet, lifestyle adjustments and appropriate supplementation.

The subject of pain is broad and deserves special study and care in each, individual case.  Pain and its cause deserve to be understood as well as managed.  The first general principle of pain is that it is often a sign that the body is working correctly in issuing a warning that something is wrong.  It is usually a call for help from a part of the body or system in the body that needs help.  Some general wisdom in approaching pain can be helpful in many cases.
Mechanical injury will usually cause pain and is the body's way of saying "slow down, this part is hurt and needs time to heal".  When enough time has past for the injury to heal and pain persists, it may be that the tissues are remembering the trauma that caused the pain even though it is gone.  This kind of trauma memory can be tied up with the emotions that were present when the injury ocurred.  There are specific techniques to help alleviate this kind of pain.
Many kinds of pain are encouraged by poor blood and body chemistry which can be detected through testing and evaluation.  Poor chemical balance will be reflected in an imbalance in acidity and alkalinity (pH) among other indicators.  Correct the chemistry issues and the pain resolves more easily and permanently.
Swelling occurs when specialized cells in an injured area secrete histamine in an effort to limit the flow of potentially harmful bacteria into the rest of the body.  As the healing proccess begins and debris is removed, the small, delicate lymphatic channels may become overwhelmed and blocked.  High doses of protein digesting enzymes are often helpful in this scenario as they help to "chew up" the blockages.
Scar tissue is always present in areas that have healed and it forms blockages in the normal transmission of bio-electric current.  Energy based techniques like EVE, Cold Laser, liquid needles, and Body Talk can facilitate energy flow around the blockages and alleviate the pain associated with them.
Pain is usually a matter of inflammation and may respond to anti-inflammatory herbs like tumeric or boswellia and or certain amino acids like L phenyl alanine.  Sometimes application or ingestion of the mineral magnesium can help by relaxing the smooth muscles and balancing the deposition of calcium in an inflamed area. 

Toxic Emotions 
Emotions are feelings, mood states, and dispositions  that result from thoughts and thought patterns.  The things that are being thought about could be from memory or current events or a combination of the two.  Emotions that are commonly thought of as negative do not have to be toxic.  Anger is just such an emotion.  Certain conditions or events would normally elicit anger from a healthy individual such as witnessing the abuse of a helpless child or animal.  The body is then equipped with mechanisms to dissipate that anger so that is does not build up in the tissues of the liver or digestive tract and manifest as disease or dysfunction.  Each organ and system in the body can help process unique emotions.    Cells have memory and can become overwhelmed with emotional energy if the system is not functioning properly.   The key seems to be the way the triggering event or thought is handled in the mind.  We share the basic principles of how spirit, soul and body flow together from a Christian perspective as a foundation to healing emotional issues.  Specific tools and methods are then shared for use at home.  Toxic thought patterns come from disturbances in the relationships between the body, soul and spirit.  These thought patterns can be changed by consistent application of healing principles that are the core of our approach.  If you want to change, we can show you how. 

Excess Fat 
Fat is made up of fat cells. The average adult has about 33 billion of them. They are your friends and they do an important job. Fat loss is really about understanding what makes a fat cell tick and how they work together in the body. Fat cells grow large to accommodate more fat or they shrink to let go of stored fat. Think of losing excess fat as helping the fat cells do their job.  Fat cells also store excess toxic material that your body is unable to metabolize and excrete.  When increasing exercise and decreasing calories do not stimulate weight loss, the answer may lie in providing support to the liver and its detox mechanisms.
Hormonal Imbalance 
The core of a healthy endocrine system that maintains your hormonal balance is intake and digestion of healthy fats.  Yes, cholesterol is the mother molecule of male and female sex hormones.  A lot is being made these days of correcting hormonal imbalance with creams, shots, and pills that supposedly put just the right ammount of what you need back into the body.  This is a short-sighted and over simplified approach.  We address the core issues first and then recommend you to a highly qualified physician to provide bio-identical hormone replacement if it is needed.
The general steps that should be taken are:
1. Modify stress response to lower cortisol production.  Stress induced cortisol is a hormone that draws off the same "pipe" that supplies sex hormones.  Turn up the stress and the cortisol and you     
    drain the pipe!  The source of stress may not be removable but your response can be constructive instead of destructive.  Nutrition and supplements to support the adrenals are important here.
2. Remove endocrine disruptors from your immediate personal environment as much as possible.  Most of these kinds of chemicals look like estrogen to the body.  In males they drive down the
    testosterone and encourage feminine traits.  In females normal reproductive functions become imbalanced and deranged.
3. Exercising in a particular way for 20 minutes a day can jump your human growth hormones as much as 600%!  This can have dramatic and balancing effect on all sex hormones.
4. Make sure the appropriate forms of healthy fats are taken in on a regular basis and that they are being digested efficiently.
    Learn to balance your hormones in a deep, lasting and meaningful way that addresses your whole body.

Blood Sugar 
Statistically speaking, blood sugar imbalances respond very well to dietary corrections and nutritional supplements.  Anecdotal evidence has shown consistent improvement in sugar balance using energy-based infrared therapies.  Monitor your blood sugar carefully over the course of time because it will usually fall.  As it falls we recommend coordination a reduction in prescribed medication with the prescribing physician.

                                                                                                     Living Stones!!

If you can receive it, you are a living stone that is part of a spiritual house that God is building.  The stone in this spiritual house is like a cell in a body.  We are cells in the spiritual body of Christ.  As a cell in the body, you have a unique expression and job to do.  The information about how to live, thrive and survive in this body is inside you.  We are here to serve what God is doing in you and the Body of Christ; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically!

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