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About Dr. Douglass Hutto

Douglass Hutto has his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech which helps him to analyze and understand complex problems. Personal healing  inspired him to become an ND.  He studied naturopathy through Clayton College of Natural Healing and Integrative Medicine through internship and collaborative practice with established medical professionals over the last 21 years.   Experience in Christian ministry since 1987 has also helped him to understand the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of each patient's case.

Mission- Our mission is to help you achieve maximum vitality by addressing your health concerns with safe and effective options.   We integrate  alternative  and conventional protocols seamlessly for better outcomes.  We help people overcome diseases and health challenges by focusing on the individual's unique issues. Our holistic approach is to acknowledge the spirit, mind, emotions and body of each individual. 

"The human heart best functions as a seat of joy.  When it is clouded with anger and other emotional static, disease and disorder can set in to the physical body.  Clearing the heart and mind sets a foundation for a healthy body.  The power for lasting clarity comes from a spirit in communion with God." 
 James Douglass Hutto, ND. ~


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