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Are you suffering with a lack of energy, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, stubborn weight gain, allergies, digestive disturbances, anxiety or depression? Are you taking multiple medications and or supplements to address a complex and growing list of health issues? We take the time to learn about your history and the unique aspects of your case and use unique methods of evaluation to create a comprehensive program that addresses challenges to your health at the root. Hope, confidence, and results come with an effective plan of action. Most of our patients feel up to 50% better within 6 weeks!

Stress can account for major problems with your health and immune system. Grief, anger, fear and other negative emotional states from unresolved past events can manifest and contribute to disease and disorder.  Science tells us that as much as 50% of the action of a drug, remedy or therapy is generated by what a person believes.  This is called the placebo effect.  What percentage of your current health condition is being generated by the way you think and respond to stress?   We offer practical solutions and understanding rooted in non-denominational, Christian principles developed over many years of practice


 There is a difference between normal and optimal when it comes to your health.  "Normal" is often established statistically by looking at those in our population who appear to be healthy.   Too many times, a patient is told over the course of a lifetime that their numbers are normal and then encounter the sudden onset of debilitating disease.  Profound health issues often exist when all of the standard data appear to be normal or close to it. "Optimal" is a higher standard and that is what we aim to help our patients achieve.

 Each person has a body, soul (mind, emotions, personality), and spirit (conscience).  We endeavor to support the person as a whole from a Christian perspective. To this end we use a combination of technology, clinical experience and counseling to help you realize your health goals.

 Human tissue requires optimal nutrition to heal and thrive.  We analyze your genetic needs for particular foods and help you establish a target group of foods that will build health and vitality.

Supplements are often helpful as concentrated forms of these nutrients. We strive to be aware of the best available supplement options from variety of sources including local health food stores, and the internet.  We pay particular attention to companies with a proven reputation for quality and integrity.

 Human bodies are designed to move and exercise is a part of any comprehensive approach to health.  We recommend a variety of exercises according to an individual's abilities and limitations.  HIIT (high intensity interval training) principles can be applied to just about any style of exercise to yield superior results.   


Douglass Hutto, ND

What to expect when you come in:


Cramps, Toxic Thought Patterns, Mood Swings,
Cravings, Excess Fat!

Blood Sugar, Hormones, Blood Pressure,
Sleep Patterns, Nutrition,
Spirit, Soul,  Body! 

Endurance, Energy, Immune System, Strength,
Love, Joy, Peace!

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